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  Which is the Language of this script?  
  We used PHP and MySQL.  
  Do I need to know HTML and/or CSS to use Script?  

Only if you want to change the style/layout for your website. Or you could have a third party designer design a theme for you.

  I don't know anything about programming, can I still run this script?  

Definitely! Our vision is to create the most effective trading script that allows you to easily manage by admin panel.

  If I buy one license, Can i use it on multiple domain names?  

No, You can not use it on multiple domain names. You are allowed to use it only on one domain name for which license is issued.

  Is the product customizable? if yes any charges?  

Yes you can customize script as per your requirements. Please note that we have encrypted few license related files [IonCube] to protect our license and script. However you can customize script without having any problem. All other files are remain open as source. We could show you our clients websites those customized script.
If you want us to customize it for you and give a complete new look to your site, which require alteration & updation of all the pages, there will be additional customization charges. Charges may vary depending on your customization requirement. For minor customization we won't charge you anything.

  How many members can sign up?  
  Unlimited members can signup in all versions. Please note that there is NO restriction on members registration.  
  What are members database?  
  All are registered members having company profile, sell offers, products catalogs. Please see demo of 13000 members from Click Here.  
  Why buy 13000 Members Database?  
  - 13000 Registered Members from all over the world.
- [11777] Company Profile, [132630] Products Catalogs and [1629] Sell offers.
- We spent 4 years to get huge database.
- We spent more than 12K USD on advertisement to get these members.
- This database will help you in Search Engine Optimization.
- These 13000 members attract new visitors to register on your website.
- You can earn by Membership fee.
- More chances to get Advertising Campaign and earn more.
- Google Ads will give you opportunity to earn more.
  Which are latest versions?  
  Recently we have released Alibaba Clone Tungsten B2B Script 6.9 (Stable) and AliExpress Clone B2B Script 6.9 (Stable).  
  What do you mean by free downloads?  
  We offer special free stuff for webmaster. You can download it from members area.  
  Do you provide support?  
  Yes, We provide support by email FREE of cost. There are no charges, And support is valid forever.  
  What payment methods do you accept?  

We accept Credit Card, Paypal, Moneybookers, Bank Wire Transfer and Western Union. Please Click Here to contact us for payments.

  How to Buy Script?  
  Simply place order from order page. If you are having difficulties so please feel free to contact us.  
  When the product will be delivered after making payment?  
  Product will be delivered within 24 hours after payment confirmation.  
  What is the security / guarantee for delivery after payment does the service cost me?  

We have 80% of Clients from US and Europe and 20% of Clients in Asia and got to our credit a very strong portfolio.  We always endeavor 100% cordial client relationship. The products are already built-in; hence we will be able to deliver within the delivery schedule, without any problem.

  I don't know How to Install the product, Is there any installation service available?  

Yes, We provide Professional Installation Service in $30 only, if you want.  You have to make payment and than provide us your domain name, FTP, database server name, database name, username & Password. Installation will be done in 48hrs on request.

  Do you offer Money Back Guarantee?  
  All fees are non-refundable.  
  Can I upgrade script from one version to another by paying the difference?  
  Yes, you can upgrade script by paying the difference.  
  Can I remove the "Powered by Superb Scripts" text (copyright notice)?  

Yes, as long as you have the Branding Removal; which costs $15 in addition to the script. Note that one Branding Removal is applicable to only one license. 

  Will you teach me PHP/HTML/CSS?  

This is not a service we offer. You can learn from PHP on www.php.net or www.w3schools.com; HTML and CSS at www.w3schools.com

  What is country profile module?  
  Country Profile module have more than 200 countries profile.  
  What are the server requirements?  
Operating System
Linux, Unix
Web Server
Apache Web Server
PHP Version
Latest stable build of PHP 5.x
Server Configuration
Safe_Mode = OFF / OFF
Enable PHPFTP, Mail
Iconv library, GD Library/ImageMagick
mod_rewrite (for Search Engine Friendly URLs)
Disable mod_security
Latest stable build of MySQL 5.x
ionCube Loader
Ioncube loader Loader 5.x must be installed on server
  Do you recommend any hosting company?  
  Yes, We highly recommend you to buy Cheap Hosting From Here.  
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